Davida Valerie 1925-2013 Factory Closure Funeral

by Davida on October 23, 2013

Dear All

We close the DAVIDA factory tomorrow as a mark of respect for Valerie Fiddaman,  she has her “Bit Of A Do Part 2” We send her off to another place.

She was our first gate keeper feeding us tea and cakes and keeping an eye on things and loved all the banter with all the boys and girls in the garage in the mid 70s in the early days that’s here it all started.

Built in 1925 Val was made of strong stuff and a great spirit and not scared on some early GSX R 100 rides umbrella  under her arm holding her helmet on with the other arm.

We love her and will miss her.

We know she has not left us she is hanging around somewhere.

Davida factory back open Friday so no e-mails telephone calls nothing happens tomorrow except we see Valerie off.


Thanking you in advance for your understanding.


Fid The Lid

Managing Director

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