Hammarheads V7 Wayward Does 3,000 Miles In 48 Hours

by Davida on February 09, 2013
Hammarhead_V7_wayward_Open_ Face_Davida

James, of Hammarhead Industries, sent this fine picture of one their latest creations, The V7 Wayward. James grabbed this shot of the Guzzi  on their 3,000 miles journey to The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, USA. Such is the admiration for Hammarhead Industries, Bike Exif  used their Triumph Scrambler ‘Jack Pine ‘on one of only three t-shirt designs they produced.

“James Hammarhead mixes old-school style with modern engineering in his Philadelphia lab, to get your dopamine receptors firing. And this is the bike that put Hammarhead Industries on the map—a Triumph Scrambler on steroids, being ridden as nature intended.” Bike Exif.



Hammarhead day out the  ‘Woodsman’


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