Purple Helmets New Years Eve Celebrations

by Davida on January 07, 2013
Purple Helmet - Russ Moore New Years Eve

Hello, I just wanted to write this short mail to thank you and praise your top quality helmets, which without doubt saved me from very serious injury on New Years Eve as a result of a high speed offroad crash.

I was pitched over the bars at around 30 35mph and was unable to get my arms away from the bars in time so was sent head first onto a rocky track sustaining nothing more than a broken collar bone.

As you can see from the attached photograph the helmet (which was kindly donated by yourselves in a sponsorship deal a number of years ago with the purple helmets display team) has taken a massive beating but has performed perfectly when it needed to.

So thanks very much & here’s hoping my next lid will never have to meet with the floor like this one did!


Russ Moore.

The Purple Helmets.

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