Rollerburn Helmets now available from Davida

by dev on December 05, 2011

13 hours condensed into 7.5 minutes Rollerburn:The Documentary

Davida has had a long association with Sideburn Magazine, so when they came up with the out-there concept that was Rollerburn it was almost a given that Davida would get involved, particularly given the nature of the beast. Rollerburn loosely combined roller derby, motorbikes (mainly custom, classic and flat-track), skaters, live music and motorcycle artwork.

The main highlight of the Rollerburn event took its inspiration from the classic 1975 genre-film Rollerball starring James Caan as a fierce, fight-to-the-death competitor for the Houston Team, fighting for freedom, in a violent sport against teams from New York, Tokyo and Madrid.

The  main event of the Rollerburn event featured TT Hero Guy Martin, Sideburn’s Gary Inman and comedian Charlie Chuck recreating the films iconic game where motorbikes dragged fearless skaters around a track. Rollerburn created the perfect platform to display the skill, enthusiasm and commitment of two British motorcycling companies, with riders dragging tattooed skating vixens on specially produced Flat Track race bikes supplied by Co-Built and wearing Davida helmets created in each of the teams designs from the original film. Classic British attitude at its best. Amen.

These helmets designs are now available as standard on any Davida helmet from 220.00 pounds (ex VAT)

Part Nos 370 – RB Houston ( orange/red & gunmetal grey)

Part Nos 371 – RB Madrid ( teal green & & gunmetal grey)

Part Nos 372 – RB New York (orange/blue/white & gunmetal grey)

Part Nos 373 – RB Tokyo ( yellow & gunmetal grey)

Helmets will be supplied with poppers as required by road safety regulations and not as shown. Designs shown are on a speedster but designs can be applied to Davida Ninety Two and Davida Jet. It is not beyond the realms of possibility to adapt the designs to work on the Davida Classic. This has not been tried yet !

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