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"Oh I never knew you could use a visor without having visor studs fitted" is the most common comment we get when open face helmet riders discover the Davida JPV Visor!


When I ordered my Davida Jet helmet I chose a JPV1 visor to go with it - I'm glad I did.

This visor is mounted on an elasticated leather strap, which prevents scuffing of the paintwork on the Jet.

The design of this visor is extremely efficient in deflecting the breeze away from the upper part of the face, and stays put remarkably well, even at high speeds, sliding up with one hand when you come to a halt.

When it's time to pull the visor down, a simple pull in the centre at the top slides it back into place, the rubber strip inside the metal band locates securely on the rubber edge of your lid (as well as stopping rain from running down inside) and away you go.

Levels of vision are without parallel, and cleaning is simple too, just unpop the studs on each side and wash the visor like you're washing you're hands, gently drying it on a towel before popping it back on.

Unlike many open face visors and goggles, I haven't experienced any turbulence behind the visor, and you can also easily wear shades or glasses behind it.

First class!"

Customer Review by Karl Williams on Apr 04, 2017 Davida JPV Visor

" LOOK NO FURTHER! Easy to get along with, moves smoothly, keeps the weather out and gives your open face helmet all the benefits of a full face lid. It remains completely stable at high speed, and looks great too! I use mine with my Jet helmet - I can't recommend this highly enough! Buying Davida kit is more than just buying British - it's buying from a team of people who are totally committed to providing you with the very best product possible!"

And there's more - the JPV is one of our best selling visors. Unlike visors requiring popper stud fitted to the helmet, the Davida JPV does not make any annoying vibration noise, you know the Brrrrrrr when you turn your head in the wind. Behind the sprung stainless steel rim is firm but soft foam rubber protecting the helmet paintwork. It's also universal so will fit any open face helmetand ECE Approved.

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