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Davida UK & Brough Superior - Perfect Match of Two Legendary British Brands

Posted by Sharon Underhill on


New Brough Superior Helmets by Davida UK

Brough Superior have joined the long list of exclusive companies to choose Davida UK as their manufacturing partner to produce a range of special motorcycle helmets.

Uncompromising quality in craftsmanship, design and materials and an avid attention to detail are just a few of the core values shared by these two legendary heritage brands.

Brough Superior motorcycle helmets by Davida UK. Gloss black base with gold Brough Superior logo with either gold or silver pinstripe, with or without visor studs

With their own historically rich story behind them, both Davida & Brough Superior are recognised for being the best in their game at designing modern retro classics admired for their beauty as much as their functionality.

Rejecting mass production & still the only motorcycle helmets made in the UK, every single Davida helmet is hand crafted in their own factory in Birkenhead, Wirral. Every distinctive livery and detail of a Davida helmet is carefully created by individuals who still care deeply about these things.

Image from Rolling Rogues video of the new Brough Superior motorcycles and Davida helmets

Taking total ownership of the entire process from start to finish, from design to execution, improves more than just the quality. This was an ethos central to George Brough’s unrivalled machines and an ethos unquestionably at the heart of these new creations to bare these prestigious names in motorcycling. Brough and Davida, a perfect match.

SRP from £349.50. Bloss Black with Gold Brough Superior Logo, and available with or without visor studs, with either a Gold or Silver Pinstripe. Shown here with Davida Punk Visor in Light Smoke

motorcycle rider wearing a new Brough Superior open face helmet and Punk visor by Davida UK

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