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Tunnel of Love ( 1997)

0305 857 TamaraSA-800Taken by Sideburns’ Ben Part, this is Tamara Beckwith in the film Tunnel of Love made by Robert Milton Wallace in 1997. Starring Ed Tudor Pole who falls in love with Tamara whilst filtering through London on his Norton.  Filmed just prior to his horrifc crash at the Bulldog Bash in 1996 it also features Stunt Rider, Eddie Kidd. […]  » Read more

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by Davida on January 18, 2013

Davida at Sideburn #12 and Pride and Glory Launch


Sharon and I rode and raced the edge of that flood-inducing pile of weather last week to attend two events in London town; the first took place at Lewis Leathers, established over a hundred years ago. It’s like a museum of rocker’s leathers in there as well as being a shop and the perfect setting for the launch of a sumptuously large book on the history of biker leathers ‘Pride and Glory’.

Vincent of Southsiders © Maxwell Paternoster

by Davida on November 28, 2012

Sideburn #12 and Launch Party

Edwin-SideburnSideburn #12 will be on sale next week but you can pre-order on their website. Liking both front covers equally they’ve gone for both- contents are the same but if you’re going for the full collection you’ll need to get both. We’re great supporters of Sideburn Magazine and been with them from the very first […]  » Read more

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by Davida on November 13, 2012

We do as you do – Blitz Motorcycles

Rollerburn_A5_poster+sponsorsThe Facebook phenomena…following our previous article about Rollerball actor, Robert Dancel, we have now been contacted by Eddie Kubo , another member of the Rollerball Tokyo Team… As Gary Inman said ” That is brilliant. Film inspires British fanzine to do event, event inspires British helmet manufacturer, star of film wants helmet. Amazing.” G. It […]  » Read more

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by Davida on November 12, 2012

Rollerburn Keeps Rolling On

Bob2[1]This is Robert Dancel in his original Tokyo T-Shirt and his new Davida Tokyo Helmet. Following Sideburn’s Rollerburn last year, we sent a Davida Tokyo helmet to Robert Dancey, one of the original actors in the 1975 cult movie Rollberball. A professional skater in real life, Robert was hired for the film alongside other team mates from the […]  » Read more

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by Davida on November 01, 2012

Davida at Wheels & Waves-Biarritz 2012

Hugo of Blitz MC © Kristina Fender / Davida ArchiveOrganised by Southsiders MC in Biarritz 14th-16th June 2012. Going that extra mile and pushing the boat out was what Wheels and Waves was all about. The  emerging European Independant Garage Custom Scene came out in force to show off the results from the huge amount of creative workshop hours spent in realising their dream machines as well […]  » Read more

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by Davida on June 25, 2012



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