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Wheels and Waves Warm Up - The Grizzly Ride

Posted by Sharon Underhill on

Wheels and Waves Warm Up - The Grizzly Ride

The Grizzly Ride out Invitational 2018 from Wheels and Waves on Vimeo. Every year, we cross the mountains and ride with a group of friends to celebrate the end of winter. This is what we call the Grizzly Ride. a film by Sebastien Zanella.#grizzlyrideoutinvitational #wheelsandwaves2018 #wheelsandwaves #davidauk #davidahelmets #lovemydavida #godsavedavida Just shows you #thoseintheknow wear Davida helmets Wheels and Waves ' GOD SAVE DAVIDA ' SAYS VINCENT PRATT, FOUNDER OF SOUTHSIDERS MC AND WHEELS AN WAVES, ' FOR US AT WHEELS & WAVES, AS CLASSIC BRITISH BIKES ADDICTS, THE DAVIDA CHOICE SEEMS OBVIOUS AND NATURAL.'    El Solitario - Lone Wolf Special Stoked...

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