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Davida joins Sideburn X Hebtroco Winter Party

Posted by Sharon Underhill on

Davida joins Sideburn X Hebtroco Winter Party

Davida joined the SideBurn x Hebtroco Winter Party, last weekend, which came very close to being cancelled 'cos of .....ermmm..... winter.There were 2 rules, strictly no cars or no vans, just bikes. Good old fashioned fun: ride your bike, put up tents, drink beer, watch some slide shows, do a quiz, have group hugs, go to sleep, get hypothermia. A hardcore few made it to the Yorkshire venue, 300m above sea level.Ed from Hebtroco wrote the report, Tom Bing took the photosFull Story You don’t see that many motorcycles on the road in December, they all seem to be on Instagram....

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