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Ninety 2 Replacement Leather Liner Kits

Ninety 2 Replacement Leather Liner Kits

The leather lining of the Ninety 2 is easily removed and replaced


You can choose to replace the leather lining in the same colour or completely change the colour of the lining. Supplied with:-

2 x Leather Covered Foam Ears - Left & Right

2 x Leather Chin Strap Covers -  Left & Right

1 x Leather Comfort Liner

Leather is cut, sewn and finely quilted.

Cow hide available in Black, Brown, ZNut Brown, 

Does not include a replacement Satin Crown

Removal and Replacement Instruction Video

Each Liner  Kit is size specific. Please ensure you check the size of your Ninety 2 helmet and select the correct size Replacement Lining Kit

Chin Strap Kits can be supplied separately