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Made In England By Davida

Hand Crafted  By Davida In The UK

Every Davida helmet is hand crafted in the UK at our factory in Merseyside by our team of highly skilled and dedicated technicians. No part of the helmet manufacturing process is automated by a machine. Creating a Davida helmet is highly labour intensive, requiring it to be passed through many hands all the way through it's production.

Davida are one of only a handful of helmet companies who haven’t chased larger profit margins and outsourced the manufacture of their helmets to countries where a day’s labour is less than a quarter of European rates.

Davida are now the sole UK manufacturers of open face motorcycle helmets. We are proud that, unlike most modern creations, these open face motorcycle helmets are still hand-built in England using the best quality materials available. Every distinctive livery and detail is carefully created by individuals who still care about these things.

Virtually all our staff has worked for Davida for over a decade, many for twice as long as that and some have spent their whole working life serving the company for more than 30 years. Together, the staff at Davida have more than a century of experience in producing the highest quality, hand-crafted motorcycle helmets.

Each stage of the manufacturing process receives meticulous attention to detail. Carefully selected hides are cut and sewn by hand to form the finely tailored interior. The smooth leather is generously padded and quilted to provide a superb level of comfort and an exceptionally quiet ride. 

Natural leather improves with age and gains that worn-in feeling unique to this material.  We recognise that only a fully leather lined interior is comfortable in all climates.

Our distinctive range of designs and traditional colours are inspired by the racers and street cultures of the past, from the Italian tricolour carried by Agostini to the burning flame of the road racers. Each helmet shell is individually hand masked and lacquered to a high finish. We also offer a bespoke service to create your individual colourways.

At Davida we have been defining quality in our own way for more than thirty five years. It has been a genuine and relentless pursuit rewarded by a worldwide reputation for the quietest, most comfortable, and well made open face motorcycle helmets available.

The results are some true classics, ( a must for any long distance ride) aesthetically very pleasing, beautifully put together and highly effective in their primary function of protection.

These helmets have always looked "right". yes, they are evocative of the past, but they are fresh as well. When it comes to the crucial function of a helmet safety, Davida have satisfied many of the Worlds strictest standards, achieving DOT FMVS No. 218, ECE-R2205 certification, ACU Gold in the UK and British Standard BS6658: 1985 Type B.

Integrity and Longevity - The Devil Is In The Detail

There are numerous reasons why you can be truly confident in the integrity of your Davida helmet and that they are more than capable of giving you the level of protection on the road required by the Safety Certifications they carry.

We also meet many customers out on the road and at shows with their Davida helmets and find it highly satisfying to see how good our helmets look and perform after 20 years of regular use. The leather interiors are still more